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The Great Carbon Footprint Competition!

carbon_dude Here Ye! Here Ye! It is with great pleasure that hereby announces the commencement of: THE GREAT CARBON FOOTPRINT COMPETITION 2008 Aim To determine which Planet Mars reader has the greatest Carbon Footprint as determined by one of our greatest corporations. How to win Prizes will be awarded to the BIGGEST Carbon Footprint. First prize: Carbon Dude Global: The largest absolute Carbon Footprint. Second prize: Carbon Dude National: The largest absolute Carbon Footprint as per country. Third prize: Carbon Dude Global, Encouragement Award: The second largest absolute Carbon Footprint. The judge’s decision (Planet Mars) will be final. How to enter the competition

  1. Please follow THIS LINK and determine what your Carbon Footprint is.
  2. Emit-and-Submit your Carbon Footprint results as a comment on this post.
  3. Results will be purely determined by the calculator on the link.
  4. The competition ends on the 30th of June 2008.
  5. Progressive Carbon Footprint entries in the comments section of this post are welcome.
  6. Team spirit is vital! We’re in this together. Therefore participants are encouraged to offer suggestions on how to maximize one’s Carbon Footprint.
  7. “Think Local Act Global!”

“It’s your planet – it’s your Footprint!”

“Save our civilization – One person at a time”

“Unleash the Carbon Dude Within You!”


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The Myth of Natural Monopoly.

Thomas Di Lorenzo explores the history of the concept of ‘natural’ monopolies, and its use to justify state interventionism in the economy.

It is a myth that natural monopoly theory was developed first by
economists, and then used by legislators to “justify” franchise monop-
olies. The truth is that the monopolies were created decades before the
theory was formalized by intervention-minded economists, who then
used the theory as an ex post rationale for government intervention.


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Free to Dissent in Academe? A new documentary criticizes the current state of academic freedom.

Inspired after a meeting with Michael Moore, Evan Coyne Maloney decided his voice should also be heard. In a plea on his website for funding support, internet enterpreneur Stuart Browning and “Hollywood” lawyer Blaine Greenberg answered the call, and the project commenced. This his first film, “Indoctrinate U” looks at the acceptance of academic dissent on the American Campus today. Young filmmakers who tackle serious issues like free speech should be supported, so please go to the film’s website and Learn More

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