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What did Ancient Rome look like?

The University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities has recreated a virtual simulacra of Rome around June 21, 320 A.D.
A ten year project with the help of a number of research bodies around the world, the most accurate representation has been created with both the scholar and the student in mind. Go and enjoy a trip along the by-ways of one of the greatest cities in the world.
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Economics, knowledge and inappropriate methods of analysis.

In an earlier post I argued that the most important book of the twentith century was “The Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich August von Hayek.

The basic assumption of the book is the inability of social engineers to predict and control outcomes in complex economies. This failure of social planners, leads to the increasing use of authoritarian methods in an attempt to ‘match’ plans to actual outcomes.

The heart of his analysis relies on the understanding that social scientists have appropriated the methods of the natural sciences, and misapplied them.

Hayek’s first public delving into understanding this problem, was outlined in his Presidential address entitled “Economics and Knowledge”, delivered before the London Economic Club on 10 November 1936.

The full text is available Here ….

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Free to Dissent in Academe? A new documentary criticizes the current state of academic freedom.

Inspired after a meeting with Michael Moore, Evan Coyne Maloney decided his voice should also be heard. In a plea on his website for funding support, internet enterpreneur Stuart Browning and “Hollywood” lawyer Blaine Greenberg answered the call, and the project commenced. This his first film, “Indoctrinate U” looks at the acceptance of academic dissent on the American Campus today. Young filmmakers who tackle serious issues like free speech should be supported, so please go to the film’s website and Learn More

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Central Banking, the State and threats to Freedom: The United States Federal Reserve.

In “Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve”, a video dedicated to the memory of prominent Economist Murray F Rothbard and his work on the role of Money, a number of commentators argue that Central banking undermines the Economy and threatens the Free Society. Included in the commentators is current Republican Presidential candidate for preselection Ron Paul.

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What did Ancient Greek music sound like?

Have you ever wondered how the music of ancient Greece or Rome sounded?
Have you an interest in Western Music and its development?
Do you wonder how the odes of Homer sounded like?
Then this site by the Commission for Ancient Literature of the Austrian Academy of Sciences might be of interest.
In the words of Stefan Hagel…

“This site contains all published fragments of Ancient Greek music which consist of more than a few scattered notes. All of them are recorded under the use of tunings whose exact ratios have been transmitted to us by ancient theoreticians (of the Pythagorean school, most of them cited by Ptolemaios)…”

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The Greatest Book of the 20th Century

The greatest book in my opinion of the the Twentieth Century is “The Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich August von Hayek.

In the field of economics all forms of State planning and regulation, he argued, if unchecked will eventually lead to dictatorship.

Watch a quick film based on this book.

Read a condensed version of this book.


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