The Great Carbon Footprint Competition!

carbon_dude Here Ye! Here Ye! It is with great pleasure that hereby announces the commencement of: THE GREAT CARBON FOOTPRINT COMPETITION 2008 Aim To determine which Planet Mars reader has the greatest Carbon Footprint as determined by one of our greatest corporations. How to win Prizes will be awarded to the BIGGEST Carbon Footprint. First prize: Carbon Dude Global: The largest absolute Carbon Footprint. Second prize: Carbon Dude National: The largest absolute Carbon Footprint as per country. Third prize: Carbon Dude Global, Encouragement Award: The second largest absolute Carbon Footprint. The judge’s decision (Planet Mars) will be final. How to enter the competition

  1. Please follow THIS LINK and determine what your Carbon Footprint is.
  2. Emit-and-Submit your Carbon Footprint results as a comment on this post.
  3. Results will be purely determined by the calculator on the link.
  4. The competition ends on the 30th of June 2008.
  5. Progressive Carbon Footprint entries in the comments section of this post are welcome.
  6. Team spirit is vital! We’re in this together. Therefore participants are encouraged to offer suggestions on how to maximize one’s Carbon Footprint.
  7. “Think Local Act Global!”

“It’s your planet – it’s your Footprint!”

“Save our civilization – One person at a time”

“Unleash the Carbon Dude Within You!”


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8 thoughts on “The Great Carbon Footprint Competition!

  1. Tim Warner

    24 tonnes of CO2

    which is greater than 14 tonnes which is normal for Oz- but I think it cheats – I didn’t get credit for a night lifestyle that involves lots and lots of lights all the time ! Also lots and lots of processed food – much of it imported and cooked !

    Great competition !

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  2. Angelo Kanaris

    20 tonnes of CO2 per year.

    Finally a competition with some relevance to everyday life. I’m proud that I can contribute this much CO2. I deffinitely a frien of all the plants of our planet earth.

    – Should have been something for all the Valve Hi-Fi that I own and use, they would have a massive contributing factor towards the production of CO2

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    I just used the BP Carbon Footprint Calculator and only scored a pathetic 7 tonnes CO2 per year!!!!! 🙁

    Half the Australian average!!! Wahhhhh!!

    Most disappointing.

    I tried to “tweak” the inputs a little to maximize my Carbon Footprint score, but it didn’t seem to help.

    Clearly, it’s time for some deep and serious soul-searching on my part.

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  4. Driver

    Mars, this is a great competition.

    Did you notice the graphics on the calculator making out that cars, planes, heaters, air conditioners and the people that use them are evil? I guess if I owned a hybrid or a unicycle they would have been painted in nice colours and the people in the graphic would have had smiles on their faces to make them look like lemmings.

    Surprised they didn’t ask about mung bean consumption and how much food was sourced from overseas etc.

    Anyway – cut to the chase, I was assessed at 48 tonnes of CO2 per year which I was indignantly told was more than Australian average of 14.36. I guess it helps that we are a household of 4 with lots of car travel picking up and ferrying kids. And also helps that I do heaps and heaps of air travel for both work and leisure. But I was expecting some bonus points for never recycling and making sure all recyclables are placed in the landfill bins (if Pratt and Visy paid me to provide them with their raw materials I may reconsider).

    Despite that score, I won’t rest at 48 and will continue to increase my footprint until I am able to rack up a century of CO2 emissions.

    Any suggestions as to how I can find an extra 52 tonnes would be most welcome.

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  5. Pollie

    38…can’t believe that this is accurate although it reflects hubby’s small business activity as well.

    The heavily congested roads don’t do anything to help to those who have lots of kms to cover and few if any options to take for public tranpsort!

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