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The Myth of Natural Monopoly.

Thomas Di Lorenzo explores the history of the concept of ‘natural’ monopolies, and its use to justify state interventionism in the economy.

It is a myth that natural monopoly theory was developed first by
economists, and then used by legislators to “justify” franchise monop-
olies. The truth is that the monopolies were created decades before the
theory was formalized by intervention-minded economists, who then
used the theory as an ex post rationale for government intervention.


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What did Ancient Rome look like?

The University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities has recreated a virtual simulacra of Rome around June 21, 320 A.D.
A ten year project with the help of a number of research bodies around the world, the most accurate representation has been created with both the scholar and the student in mind. Go and enjoy a trip along the by-ways of one of the greatest cities in the world.
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Is the greenhouse theory a fallacy? A paleontological paradox.

Jennifer McElwain in “Is the greenhouse theory a fallacy? A paleontological paradox”, looks at the inconsistency of ‘greehouse theory’ with current evidence from paleontological and geological records. It argues that the theoretical effects on climate change, of so called increasing concentrations of’greenhouse gasses’, do not appear to be evident in either the geological or paleontological record.

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